How to stay safe on your stand up paddleboard

What else should you be carrying when you go paddleboarding? If you’ve got an appropriate leash and buoyancy aid, some comms options and you’re wearing the right apparel for the environment you’ll be paddling in, then you almost certainly don’t actually need anything else, unless you’re going out for a long session, or doing something exciting like wilderness paddling. However, there are many other bits of equipment that you might like to carry, and the chapters in the book explore these in detail, looking at their pros and cons and how useful they would actually be.


Here are some of the products that we have in-depth personal experience with and are prepared to recommend.  More reviews coming very soon – the website has only just been launched, and our main goal has been getting the books right.   If you would like to submit a review we’d love to hear from you!

In the book

Here are some of the items and suggestions covered in the chapters in the book on other safety equipment that you might consider carrying.  Order your copy of the book now!

  • Hydration
  • Fuel
  • Insect repellent
  • Sunscreen
  • Towing equipment
  • Spare paddle or fin
  • Kayak converters
  • Spare pump
  • Repair kit
  • Sea anchor
  • Powerbank
  • First aid kit
  • Foil blanket / space blanket
  • Duct tape
  • Emergency knife
  • Other things to carry
  • Where and how to carry it all?

Brands, Products and Links

This sort of accessory market tends to be quite location-specific; the great brands we have here in our corner of the globe may well not be available in your part of the world, particularly when it comes to nutrition supplements, sunscreen or bug spray products, etc. Nevertheless, we will do our best to identify widely-available products that can be recommended. 

Emergency Blanket  
Survival blankets are super cheap, but a really smart thing to have around. Get a 4 pack and keep a couple in your vehicle as well as one in your SUP safety gear. 

Sea Anchor
Also known as a drogue, chute or drift sock, this is another potentially useful bit of equipment if you’re open sea paddling. You only need a small one, and most importantly, learn how to deploy it, and most importantly, bring it back in, before you actually need it!

What are your thoughts on other items to take with you?

If you have anything to add to the discussion in the book about other items to take with you when you’re paddleboarding then please let us know.  The discussion here will be moderated, and only relevant comments will be accepted. (Differing viewpoints are extremely welcome, but please do read the chapter in the book first, and base your comments on what has been written there. If your view has already been covered in the book there’s no point repeating it again). 

If you want to follow the debate then enter your details below and you’ll be notified when any new comments are added. 

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