How to stay safe on your stand up paddleboard

Review by: Bill Dawes –  20/05/2023
Build Quality: 10/10 – Function: 10/10 – Usefulness: 10/10

I’ve been using this product for a couple of years now in all sorts of paddleboarding environments, so I am very comfortable giving it an absolute top rating for stand up paddleboarding. It’s a really well thought out and exceptionally comfortable piece of equipment.

Carrying water on a paddleboard is always a bit of an issue. Having a water bottle tethered to your board is less than ideal, as you need to fully stop, bend down and pick it up to take a drink, then restore it to its position. And if the board tips over your drink is in the, er, drink! Which doesn’t necessarily add to the flavor. Carrying a waterbottle on your belt can work, but inevitably means it’s banging around, and you’ve still got to stop to take a drink.

So that leaves the hydration pack options. The rucksack-style ones are OK but it’s just not that great having anything around your neck and shoulders for longer paddling sessions. It’s sooo nice to have the upper body entirely unencumbered. Which is why this waist pack option is just the bee’s knees for paddleboarding. No extra weight to be carried on the upper body – you don’t even notice that you’re wearing it. It carries 1.5L of fluid, and you can set up the drink hose so it’s attached to your shirt front so you can drink while on the go without even breaking paddle rhythm, or just lift the hose up to your lips when you need a drink, and it easily reattaches with a magnetic clip when you’re done. It’s so easy to do that you barely need to break stride to do it.

For longer distance paddling and racing this really has no equal, I honestly can’t imagine anything better.

The belt is wide and very comfortable, and has a bunch of other pockets and features too.

It’s actually designed for mountain biking, and it certainly works brilliantly for that too. I’ve also used it for hiking and a bunch of other outdoor activities in hot weather.

The only caution I’d make is, as with any hydration pack product, just remember to keep that water bladder well cleaned. Camelbak sell cleaning kits, and you do need to stay on top of this. Especially if you’re adding electrolyte to your water or carrying anything other than water that has sugar in it, remember to empty it out straight after your trip, and keep everything very well washed and cleaned.

All in all, an absolutely top recommendation. As said, I honestly can’t imagine a better hydration solution for paddleboarding than this.

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