How to stay safe on your stand up paddleboard

This website is about SUP Safety, but its primary function is to support the books.  It is not intended to be a substitute for the vast amount of knowledge and information that is contained in the books. If you really want to know about SUP safety, you need to read the books.  

This website is not a money-making venture. However, because a vast amount of time and effort has gone into this project, and because we are going to be recommending some products that are genuinely a necessity if you really want to be safe, we’ve done the Amazon affliate thing, so if you follow a link from our site and make your purchase, we’ll get a commission. Which will be great as it’ll help offset the cost of running this website and stuff like that. It doesn’t cost you any more, so it’s win-win.  However, as you’ll quickly see when you look around the site, we also link to plenty of brands and products that we don’t earn any commission from.  Providing the service of helping you get the gear you need to keep you safe is much more important to us than trying to clip the ticket at every opportunity.  There is no conflict of interest. 

The headlines

If you’re wondering about the ‘headlines’ in the header of this website and on the cover of the books – sadly, they’re all genuine. You can check them out here