How to stay safe on your stand up paddleboard

Sadly, all the headlines shown in the header image of this website and on the cover of the books are genuine. The fonts and layouts are ours, but the words are real.  Most of them are happy-ending stories, but serve to show how easily things can go wrong if you aren’t prepared, don’t have the right safety gear, or in some cases, are just on the wrong side of lady luck.  And sadly, a few of the headlines are the sort that none of us ever want to read, and our hearts and deepest condolences go out to all those involved. 

Man run over by boat while out for a paddle says he ‘couldn’t be any luckier’

Crews rescue paddleboarder
Firefighters rescued a paddle boarder after she got into difficulty

Australian couple survive two days adrift on paddleboard
Fisherman comes to rescue after hearing screams

Paddle Boarders Fight Off 15-Foot Tiger Shark With Paddle

Paddleboarding safety warning issued after coroner rules death preventable

Safety experts worried at rise of paddleboarding incidents

Paddleboarders urged to check wind forecasts as teens recover from ordeal
Stand-up paddleboarders have been urged to carefully check wind forecasts before entering the water, as more of the four teenagers swept across Melbourne’s bay have reflected on their near-death experience.

Man’s body is recovered from lake after a paddleboarding misadventure

‘Lucky’ escape as RNLI rescues family swept out to sea on paddleboards

sea rowers rescue paddle boarders in trouble

Death of paddle boarder was a ‘tragic accident’

SUP girl found alive after 20 hours lost at sea

Couple Survive for 3 Days at Sea on Paddleboard

Dinghy ‘hero’ rescues six child paddleboarders


Missing paddle boarder found by Good Samaritan
“He was dehydrated, cold, and confused,” 

Paddleboarder Saved by Cell Phone

Search operation underway for missing paddleboarder

teens blown out to sea while paddleboarding ‘very lucky’ to be rescued

Lost paddle boarder uses ‘What3Words’ app to help husband find her

Woman drowned at sea just hours after buying inflatable paddle board