How to stay safe on your stand up paddleboard

Review by: Bill Dawes –  2/06/2023

Build Quality: 10/10 – Function: 10/10 – Usefulness: 10/10

This might seem a strange thing to warrant a review on, but honestly – there are whistles, and there are whistles!

 I stumbled across a discussion amongst mountain guides a few years back regarding which was the best whistle for outdoor emergencies, and that’s where I learned about the Fox 40 – the agreement was pretty much unanimous that it was the one to have. Better still, it’s widely available all around the globe –  sports stores sell them over the counter, or they’re easily sourced online.

I’ve now been using them for several years, and am 100% happy with their performance. They’re robust, small and light, and they never clog up, they’re entirely unbothered by being submerged in water, and they’re just loud as hell!

So here’s a super cheap way of turbo-charging your safety equipment. If you don’t already have a whistle, this is a great one to get. You may already have a whistle on your buoyancy aid; a red one like this.

They’re OK, quite a sweet sound. But the Fox 40 is literally twice as loud. When I demonstraste them in the classroom during SUP safety courses, people flinch – it hurts, it’s that loud.  Which is what you want from your safety whistle! 

So, do yourself a favour, replace that red one with a Fox 40. If you ever need to rely on your whistle you’ll be glad you did!